It is my intention to use this site to write about comics. I may write about other things but I’ll be focused on comic books. My brother has agreed to help me with editing the content as I publish. He’s a wicked smart guy and I appreciate his help.

I also wanted to mention that I have been inspired by several other blogs and podcasts that I read and listen too.

Chris is on Infinite Earths is a fantastic site where Chris reviews a DC comic everyday. His writing is excellent and the fact he does a different comic everyday is simply incredible. He also does an amazing podcast with his friend Reggie, Chris and Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill.

The guys over at We Are the Mutants are doing some great writing on lots of different topics. I first found their founders blog 2 Warps to Neptune and read that for quite some time.

There are several other sites that I follow and will include in the links on the main page. I can only hope that one day this site might be as enjoyable as theirs. If you get the chance please take a look at theirs links, they are all worth your time. You can find a list of these excellent sites in the sidebar.

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