Saturday Morning Cartoons

This is good line up of cartoons. Smurfs and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends would be the highlights for me.

This line up is from 1981, and a little bit before my prime Saturday morning cartoons years. I have no memory of the Koala or Trollkins shows.

1980 line up, still before the time I would really be able to enjoy hours of cartoons on Saturday’s. Drak Pack is the one I’m most interested in though.

The lineup for 1979 on ABC. This is an amazing morning of cartoons. I saw most of these in reruns and would give a lot to get the whole Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show on DVD with all the other segments; MightyMan and Yukk, Rickety Rocket and, of course, Fang Face.

NBC – 1983 – Ah, to be 10 again, eating a bowl of honeycomb cereal, watching Mr T, The Hulk, The Smurfs and Thundarr the Barbarian! It doesn’t get much better than that.

CBS – 1984. This would be the second season of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, eight new episodes of what is easily one of the greatest Saturday morning cartoons EVAH!

1984 and this one is the NBC line up. There would be a lot of flipping around in 84 with The Snorks, Smurfs and Spider-Man being must watch at the time.

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