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Super Fun Comics – Barbaric #1

I’m a sucker for variant covers that pay homage to Marvel comics Conan #1 by Barry Windsor-Smith. That cover is one of my all-time favorites, so when a modern comic honors that I’m usually going to part with some cash. … Continue reading

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Super Blog Team Up – The Power of Podcasting and Doctor Who

Spring is in the air and I’m dusting off the keyboard and blog in order to once again join up with an amazing group of pod-casters and bloggers for the one and only Super-Blog Team-Up. An event like no other, … Continue reading

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Radioactive Man #1

Is Radioactive Man #1 one of the most meta comics ever published? In May 1991, The Simpsons, “Three Men and a Comic Book”, aired. In the classic episode Bart, Milhouse, and Martin pool their money to buy a copy of … Continue reading

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Why Did I Buy This – The Invisibles #1

I’ve been working on cataloging my comic book collection for years now. It is a long, time consuming, but extremely enjoyable process. As I go through my boxes, bagging, boarding, and entering comics into my database, I sometimes wonder, “Why … Continue reading

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My First Comics – Shogun Warriors #4

I’ve written on this blog that I’ve collected comics for most of my life. When I was a wee lad it wasn’t so much collecting as it was just buying comics and reading them. My brother and I would look … Continue reading

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