Welcome to Comics Comics Comics…

I’ve had the urge to write about comics for awhile. I’ve thought about keeping a journal, but there is not much difference between a journal and the same thoughts swirling around in my mind. I’ve thought about writing essays that I could send to my brother to read. I came pretty close to doing that but the more I thought about it I also wanted to include a visual element along with my thoughts. Comics are a visual medium after all.

Recently my brother sold his first short story to be published in a quarterly short story journal. He also started writing for a blog that is devoted to the Philadelphia 76’ers. He is an excellent writer and super smart and inspired me to think a little bigger than writing stuff down. I thought I might try a blog and asked his opinion. Right away he said “go for it”. He also gave me some advice on where to get started so here it is.

Comics Comics Comics…

The title of this blog, “Comics Comics Comics..”, is a play on the name of Jay Pritchett’s competitor on the show “Modern Family”, Closets, Closets, Closets!. I find the name of that store hilarious and thought it might be oh so clever to have the name of this site be a take on that store.  

Coming soon…

An actual post about comics.


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