Top of the Pile – Week of May 2nd 2018


May continues to be a big month for DC with more Action Comics coming as well as their summer event preview. With the big “Metal” event finally wrapped up and most of the new age of heroes books being a few issues in the hype has shifted to Bendis, Superman,  and the big Justice League stories. It all starts with the DC Nation 0 issue. This week I’m also featuring not one, but two Rick Remender books.

DC Nation #0 Three All New Stories for 25 cents

(I forgot to take a pic of the cover for this one, but it’s only a quarter, go pick one up)


Your Big Day

Writer –  Tom King
Artist – Clay Mann

Office Space

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller – Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

No Justice Prelude

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Artist – Jorge Jimenez

I did not feel the need to type the entire creators page for a 25 cent preview comic, that being said I am looking forward to this. Tom King has been building to the Batman wedding for awhile now and his kicking the new arc off here with a Joker story. The Bendis hype has become pretty ridiculous but hey, the Superman story has Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on art and that alone makes this comic worth buying and reading.

The story I am most looking forward to is the No Justice prelude. I am excited about the new Justice league launches. Despite the awful name, Justice League Dark, was one of the new 52 books I enjoyed the most. Sure most of the those characters shouldn’t have been in a team book, and it was truly awful when they referred to themselves as Justice League Dark, but the stories were usually fun and the art was good. I enjoyed Metal and I think these three guys can really put something special together.

Action Comics Special




There is no title page listing who did what. I don’t even remember this book being solicited. The cover promises that Lex Luthor’s dark secret will be revealed. Could it be that Jurgens is going to tell us what Lex Luthor has been playing for the last year and half while dressing up as Superman, trying to be good guy to Metropolis? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Black Science #35

Death or Glory #1



Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Matteo Scalera – Black  Science
Artist  – Bengal

Black Science has been one of the Remender books for Image that comes out fairly regularly. There was that long gap where artist Matteo Scalera was recovering from a broken arm, but generally speaking we get new Black science consistently. This series has been fantastic, easily one of the best science fiction comics I have ever read. Whenever a new issue comes out I look forward to reading it.

The new series Death or Glory looks like it could be a lot of fun. I already know this new series is going to be slow in coming out, I am not sure that the third issue has even been solicited yet. I’ve enjoyed so much of Remender’s work that I am willing to give any new story a go.

Last Week’s Picks Revisited

X-men Blue #26 – I actually have not gotten to this yet, I went to movies twice last week and spent a lot of time reading America vs the Justice Society and prepping for JLMay reading the first couple issues of The Silver Age.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43 – This was fun and really delved into the Darkstar story quite a bit.

The Terrifics #3  – This was exactly as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be. The humor was excellent and the set up for the series was laid out.

The Prisoner #1 – I enjoyed this, it was nowhere near as confusing as the old DC mini series. I’m glad I picked this up.


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    1. I agree, it was not good. The Landis was the best of the three. The Jurgens story was only so-so. The whole thing felt like it was put together with a couple of inventory stories and made to fill up a weekly slot before the Justice League / Bendis books come out.


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