My Favorite Entry Who’s Who vol VI

The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe is one of my all-time favorite comics. One of the reasons for this is because it was something my brother and I shared growing up. It was a comic we read together. We would read each issue and pass them back and forth. We would debate who were the most interesting characters. We would quiz each other over the details of the entries. It was and still is a shared passion and that means a lot to me.

When I am bin diving it is something I will usually pull just to read without having to dig out the issues from my collection. That was the case with this copy of Vol VI which covers Daily Planet to Doctor Polaris. According to the DC Fandom Wiki, the cover was done by Paris Cullins and Dick Giordano. This issue contains entries for some of my favorite comic characters of all time including Darkseid, Dr. Fate, and Doctor Midnight. For this piece, I wanted to take the time to quickly discuss my favorite entry in the issue.

It was actually a pretty difficult choice. There are five entries for Jack Kirby creations; Darkseid, Deep Six, Demon, DeSAAD, and the psychic entity known as Doctor Bedlam. There are three entries with art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez; Dark Destroyer, Dart, and the gorgeous Deadman page. Finally, Walt Simonson gets in on the action with an utterly creepy Dr. Phosphorus. While those are all great choices the one I picked as my favorite though is Dawnstar by Jim Sherman.

I know almost nothing about Jim Sherman’s work, but a quick Google search led me to the fact that he co-created the character Dawnstar with Paul Levitz. I also know very little about the character Dawnstar. Legion of Superheroes is one of the comics that my brother collected that I did not get into. What made me choose this one then? Personally I think there is a lot to like about it.

The text entry is not too long but still gives the reader a good deal of information about the character. I certainly learned enough that I would not feel lost if I were to read a comic with Dawnstar.

It is the art that really stands out though. The foreground image really shows off the character. It is an action pose that portrays the character’s ability to fly well. Her hair and fringe on her costume are all flowing upwards as if she is coming in for a landing. The costume is sexy with Native American qualities. Her wings are wonderfully detailed. The background image consists of several images, the primary one being a beautiful portrait of the character. The logo is cool and the yellow in it matches the costume. Altogether it is a dynamite image. For all those reasons it was my favorite entry of the issue.

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