Radioactive Man #1

Is Radioactive Man #1 one of the most meta comics ever published? In May 1991, The Simpsons, “Three Men and a Comic Book”, aired. In the classic episode Bart, Milhouse, and Martin pool their money to buy a copy of Radioactive Man #1 to share between the three of them. Eventually their own greed gets... Continue Reading →

I Am The Law!

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that when my brother and I were kids my mother took us on several long camping trips during the summer. We drove to Alaska, across the country to California and back, to Newfoundland, and plenty of places in between. On all these trips we would seek out local comic... Continue Reading →

Kwik-y-Comics All Star Comics 61

It has been quite some time since I have written anything for this blog. I find that between reading the comics I buy, managing and cataloging my collection, and enjoying my other hobbies I find it difficult to devote time to writing. This time out I thought I would do something a little different and... Continue Reading →

Quarter Bin Gem – Rogue Trooper

This piece is inspired by Professor Alan from the Relatively Geeky Podcasting network and his show the Quarter Bin Podcast. I am a big fan of mining the cheapo bins for treasure, but most of the searching I do is in dollar bins. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting family in Burlington Vermont... Continue Reading →

Loveless #1

A Kin of Homecoming Creators Writer - Brian Azzaello Artist - Marcealo Frusin Colorist -  Patrica Mulvihill Letters - Clem Robins Assistant Editor - Casey Seijas Editor - Will Dennis Loveless created by Azzarello and Frusion This falls under the category of comics series I bought because I thought they looked cool and then never... Continue Reading →

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