Awesome Covers: All-Star Squadron #60

I have been a fan of the All-Star Squadron for almost as long as I have liked comics. The Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron characters are some of the greatest ever created. This cover features some of my favorites, Dr. Midnight, Starman, Hawkman, and Wonder Woman all drawn by the amazing Jerry Ordway. The characters pop off the page. Ordway’s style is classic and isn’t flashy. The figures are clean, well proportioned, and strong. The colors of the costumes really shine on the blue, star filled, background. This is the kind of cover that I’d love to own as a poster. All in all it is a classic comic with an awesome cover and I love it.

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  1. All-Star Squadron is my second favorite all-time DC comic, after the Legion of Super-Heroes. I loved how Roy Thomas gave us history lessons in both WWII and in Golden Age comics, I loved the large cast, the art was very good throughout almost the whole series in spite of the revolving door of artists, and Roy did a great job adding characterization, and making me care about these heroes, most of whom I’d never heard of before.

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