Top of the Pile – Week of April 11 2018


This is the second installment of my top of the pile column. Last week there was some really good books and I touch on them at the end. This week I’ve got a new DC book, a new comic from Brian Wood and some more Thanos goodness.

The Flash #44 – Perfect Storm Finale


Writer – Josh Williamson
Artist – Carmine Di Giandonemico
Letters – Ivan Plascencia
Assistant Editor – Andrew Marino
Editor – Rebecca Taylor
Group Editor – Marie Javins

I am not a long time Flash reader. I started with this series because I tried all the Rebirth titles at launch and I liked the Flash so much that I’ve stuck with it. I am very glad I did. Williamson has done some good stories with classic characters like the Reverse Flash and he’s added some new ones like Godspeed. Each arc seems to flow right into the next, each story building on things from the previous one. Carmine Di Giandoncemico’s art is dynamite. I really love the lighting speed force that surrounds the Flash.

The Perfect Storm has involved Gorilla Grodd trying to steal the speed force all for himself. The story line has involved elements from most of the previous ones. The Black hole group has aligned themselves with Grodd. Godspeed is back. Wally West shows up and the new Kid Flash is there. It feels like everything that Josh Williamson has been building is going to cumulate in this finale. I am really looking forward to reading this.

Robocop: Citizens Asset #1


Writer – Brian Wood
Art – Jorge Coelho
Colors – Doug Garbark
Letters – Ed Dukeshire
Editors – Eric Harburn & Sierra Hahn

Ever since I read The Massive by Brian Wood I’ve ordered everything that I could find in the Previews catalog by him. Much of what I’ve read so far has either been excellent science fiction dealing with modern themes. He has written about the environment, technology, and artificial intelligence. See The Massive, The Ninth Wave prequel, and Aliens: Defiance. He’s also a history lover and that is evident in the revolutionary war tales he did, Rebels: A Well regulated Militia and Rebels: These Free and Independent States. I’m not going to rattle off his complete bibliography, I’ll leave at I really like his writing.

I’ve enjoyed lots of things from Boom!; Garfield, Peanuts, the Jim Henson comics, and the Green Lanterns / Planet of the Apes mini-series. Boom puts out a lot of high quality original stories as well as their licensed stuff. I am excited and confident that this Robocop mini-series is going to be a good time.

Thanos #18


Writer – Donny Cates
Artist – Geoff Shaw
Colors – Antoino Fabela
Letterer – Clayton Cowles
Editor – Jordan D. White
Editor in Cheif – C.B. Cabulski

April certainly seems to be Thanos month for Marvel. The Infinity War movie premieres April 26th. Last week the newest Jim Starlin Thanos graphic novel was released and this week we get the final issue of the Thanos Wins storyline.

Shortly after regaining his power and defeating his son Thane, Thanos is brought to the far future by a hilarious version of Ghost Rider that was once the herald of Galactus and imbued with the power cosmic. Thanos has been brought through time at the behest of the future version of himself. Future Thanos wants present day Thanos to help him obtain his ultimate goal, the love of Death.

The story has put a fun spin on a theme that has occurred in many different Thanos stories and I am looking forward to seeing how it concludes.

The Immortal Men #1


Storytellers – Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, & James Tynion iv
Inkers – Scott Williams & Richard Friend
Colorists – Jeremiah Skipper & Alex Sinclair
Letterer – Carlos M. Mangual
Associate Editor – Jessica Chen
Editor – Katie Kubert
Group Editor – Jamie S. Rich

Immortal Men – Created by Jim Lee and James Tynion iv

I’ve ordered all the New Age of Heroes books. This is the fourth or fifth to be released. I’ve enjoyed each one to greater and lesser degrees. The Terrifics has been fantastic. Silencer and Sideways have been pretty good, Damage started off pretty weak. I think the Metal project and these spin offs are a big deal for DC.

It is hard to introduce new characters these days when a lot of what sells well is something that is already well established and have multi million dollars movies to accompany them. There is also not a lot of incentive for writers and artists to create new characters they do not own because of the way the business is now structured. I really hope that DC gives these new books a chance and doesn’t cancel them after one or two story arcs.

The Immortal Men is one of the New Age stories that I know the least about. I have not been reading the sneak peaks appearing the last couple of pages of other DC titles. I don’t know who any of the characters on the cover are. I know some of them showed up in the Metal series and that is about it. Oh, and I think that Vandal Savage will somehow be involved.

I know that James Tyrion iv is a very good writer and I still enjoy Jim Lee’s art, even though he’ll probably only be involved for a couple of issues, so I have hopes that this will be one of the better New Age of Heroes books.

Last Weeks picks revisited

Jetsons #6 – This was a good conclusion to the mini series and left me wanting more.

Superman #44 – The wrap of the Bizzaro storyline was excellent and touching. I want a Superboy & Bizzaro-boy series written by Peter Tomasi now.

Doctor Starr and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #2 – A good story and I am really excited to see where this series goes.

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